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KT-EQUAL is a consortium of UK researchers dedicated to extending quality life for older and disabled people.

We work to ensure that years of investment in high-quality research translate into real benefits that have an impact on people's lives.

What we do

We set out to show how ageing and disability research can make a difference to people's lives.

  • We bring together researchers, policymakers and service users to focus on the issues that are important to older and disabled people.
  • We influence regulations and good practice across a range of industries -- including inclusive product design, rehabilitation, and the built environment.
  • We gather and share knowledge and expertise about people’s health and wellbeing, independent living, self-management and quality of life.
  • We seek out the views and involvement of older and disabled people and their advocates.

Working together to improve lives

We know that the challenges we face transcend traditional scientific boundaries. We also recognise that older and disabled people and their carers have knowledge and expertise which is crucial to developing solutions that improve quality of life.

That's why we bring together researchers from many different disciplines to exchange ideas and share good practice. We also have close links with the organisations and agencies that work with older and disabled people, building on the rapport that the EPSRC's EQUAL and SPARC programmes have already developed across many different communities and interest groups.

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